Aperio is a French start-up proposing a food and beverages serious game, combining Gastronomy & Technology. Aiming at helping people feed themselves better on a day to day basis thanks to a better understanding of nutritions' basics, their web based editing and controlling plateform allows to provide their services on site or at a distance.


More information : https://aperio.games

Why joining 34 elements?

I have been looking for a start-up program for a while. After getting in touch with several ones, analysing pros and cons, the no nonsense and pratical approach of the 34 elements program suited me well at our stage of development. The cohort, group of startuppers, was also a very interesting way to confront our views with other professionals. Pierre' s reputation, experience and his get to the point methodology were also decisive factors.

How 34 elements helped you so far?

Running a business on a day to day basis in time of crisis, and launching a start-up alongside is not an easy ride, you sometimes assume things without challenging them enough. In that respect, the program was a wake-up call. All elements have been carefully selected and documented, allowing you to focus on the most important things. The 7 weeks program is intense, challenging, forcing you to go to the core of each subject. The readings are excellent, sources of invaluable information and great tool works.

The program has definitely changed our business development approach, the way the team will work together to bring our ideas to the market. It definitely allowed us to build better foundations.

What makes 34 elements academy different from other programs?

The program is a fully remote exercice, with other professionnals living in different parts of the world whom businesses are at different development stages. Everyone is helping one  another truthfully,  challenging each others' ideas and getting as much from the group that he gives.
The focus is on building a proper plan, identify strenghts and weaknesses so the team can more carefully navigate the rough seas ahead.
More importantly, Pierre is a wealth of knowledge and is willing to share his experiences so you are better informed to make decisions.
I also look forward at the alumni get together, and will be checking new readings from time to time on the 34 elements plateform.Long live the 34 elements academy