Iteration X est un nouveau type de plateforme de collaboration produit qui permet à chacun de contribuer à l'amélioration de l'UX de n'importe quelle application web et de collaborer directement dans son navigateur. Mehdi et Flora, cofondateurs d'IterationX, sont tous deux alumni de 34 Elements Academy.


Plus d'informations :

Why did you join 34 Elements Academy (the main reasons)? 


Pierre has a great reputation as a startup thinker and strategist, I heard many great things about him before I discovered 34 Elements so I was really compelled to learn more. The program looked very well structured and built around a dedicated strategic dashboard that covers all the fundamental subjects we felt we needed to cover as an early-stage startup.


What was the format you enjoyed the most during the Academy? 


The program creates a space and structure that forces you to go deeper in key strategic subjects you don't necessary dwell on in your day-to-day operations. Being able to discuss key strategic elements with Pierre, my co-founders and the other entrepreneurs was very powerful. Communicating your ideas clearly and concisely to a diverse group and getting their feedback and insights is game changing.


What makes 34 Elements Academy different from other programs?


The agenda is very well structured and was always relevant throughout the duration of program. The combination of a cohort approach with a dedicated strategic dashboard is something really unique and powerful.


I also found each session highly valuable. Pierre's experience really shows in the sense that nothing was missing and it never felt too long: we covered all the essentials in-depth with the right timeframe. 


The networking opportunities are also great. I met with several entrepreneurs which became clients or partners.