Alexandre Hernandez


Jobgether is the first digital & automated talent hunter that allows talent to find a job that really fits them without having to search for it. Jobgether uses work experience, personality type, soft skills and aspirations to generate a relevant match. Alexandre co-founded Jobgether with Juan Bourgeois, both alumni of 34 Elements Academy.


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Why did you join 34 Elements Academy (the main reasons)? 


The fact that the founder is a serial entrepreneur and comes from the world of startups. We were looking for a startup expertise, which will make us look up and make us aware of what it is to set up a startup and put us on the right track. We got started about 9 months ago and we were stuck on several topics (positioning, pricing, founders alignment) and we felt we needed someone who made us look up, and make us aware of the key topics to be adress in order to move forward.


How has 34 Elements Academy helped you so far? 


We have competent people in front of us who have analyzed the system and we were thus able to benefit from the expertise of people who have already been there. We realized the importance of strategy and the importance of looking up. 34 elements gave us clear lines of thoughts, to launch the debate on the basis of elements that Pierre gives us but that we would not have found on our own. He makes us ask ourselves the right questions. Our positioning has evolved, the vision, the purpose, we have improved on several aspects; we raised funds right in the middle of the academy; we finally had the feeling of having answers to everything in front of investors because Pierre makes us answer these investor questions.

What would you say to fellow entrepreneurs who are questionning wether to do the academy or not?


It has been a game changer for us. All the founders must be present, you must be ready to really invest yourself, 3-4 hours before each session to really take advantage of it; you have to be prepared to hear bad news. Pierre makes you think and you realize that a lot of things are wrong in your business. Pierre points out the weaknesses and he also explains to you how you are going to be able to improve that. Don't do everything, do less, do the best, when you start a company, you don't grow right away; be less operational and more strategic. There is a before and an after the academy in the way of approaching things.