Wall of Love

They have been through the program, here is what they say about their experience!


Morgane Surlenet
CEO, Skribit

Game changer. 34 Elements Academy offers a modern way of thinking that will influence my entrepreneurial vision for a long time. 


Olivier Mermet

CEO, Mirepoi

34Elements delivered way more than we had initially expected. It really was a two months communion, it made us closer friends, it helped us align our vision at a very early stage and the feedback from fellow entrepreneurs, whatever their background, was always relevant. Pierre is a true master of its art. We would re-do it in a heartbeat


Marine Sappey
Co-founder, Ekstere

The 34 elements experience is very structured to build you more solidly and it may start with destructuring... a well built method to unfold the 7 weeks, group exchanges with mirror effects and especially the eye of the coach, demanding and benevolent who in a holistic approach will underline the points to work on. What else ? Just do it! Thank you to the 34 elements team for the richness of this course! Indispensable for any entrepreneur!


Benoit Cerceau
CEO, Califun

I am glad I got introduced to 34 Elements and found in Pierre the entrepreneurial mindset I have always been used to deal with while building my first two companies in California. Pierre and his team will take your startup through a thoroughly thought process consisting of 34 Elements you'll need to address in order to increase the odds of getting your project off the ground. I'd highly recommend anyone taking their project seriously to enroll in this academy and unless you are able to relocate to Silicon Valley, 34 Elements is your best bet. I will be looking out for the new batch of startups going thru and can't wait for the amazing networking opportunities. Keep up the good work guys!


Stéphane Rouquette
CEO, Le Marché de mon village 

Pierre brings the best of entrepreneurship in the world to a stunning level of simplicity and understanding. His global and international experiences is a great value to open eyes on what business should be. It challenges founders, the project, our vision and ambitions to bring them to the next level. Such course should be mandatory to all when becoming entrepreneurs. 


Corinne Grillet
CEO, Aligne

Working with Pierre and the 34 elements application was of great help in structuring how to look candidly and objectively at our early-stage startup. It was especially valuable to me for building the strategic thinking and actionable items around the "non-product" part: go-to-market, distribution channels, how to map an early path to revenue. I would absolutely recommend working with Pierre and his methodology- and benefiting from his guidance and wealth of experience. 


Gary Roth
CEO, Upstride

The 34 elements methodology coupled with Pierre's outstanding mentoring were a game changer for us and I would highly recommend to any CEO, CTO or COO to carve out some time in their already very busy agenda and work with 34 elements. The ROI is immediate. 


Philippe Masseau,
CEO, Ekstere

When joining 34 elements, I knew that we would be challenged on the strategy and direction of our project! And we have been, deeply, always with good intentions, understanding, and objective analysis. Thank you Pierre for the value you were able to bring us, and thank you to all the other entrepreneurs for sharing experiences during these 7 weeks!


Gregory Besson

In just a few weeks, we have been able to progress faster than in the last 18 months. Pierre puts his finger on where it hurts and then makes us think so that we alone find ways to correct trajectories. He questions your strategy and your vision and invites you, via the 34th elements platform, to find the answer.


Alexis Martin
Co-founder, Uniseed

34 Elements allowed us to get a Bird's eye view of our Business. This was especially precious as we're usually caught up in the day to day activities and rarely get the opportunity to get a good objective look of our Business and where it needs improvement.


Jérôme Bourgeois
CEO, Sapio Arts

Quite frankly, there will be a before and after. Your program makes us think and helps us a lot. Although I studied in a top school, the clarity of the method is really great. Thank you.


Cyril Pliquet
VP Sales, Ekstere

The Academy has been a fabulous journey, combining 3 key ingredients that created a tasty recipe : a robust methodology, the strength of the collective approach, Pierre's constructive input with a high level of expectation. 


Agathe Martin
COO, Kiligi

Starting a company raises thousands of questions which can in turn lead you to millions of answers. Thanks to 34 Elements, you only focus on questions that matter and guide you to the right answers. Moreover, you do this, thanks to a talented team and along with fully engaged fellow entrepreneurs.


Celine Picot
CMO, Agrove

34 Elements Academy was a great help to us to achieve this killer pitch. 


Quentin Rousselot
CEO, Agrove

Pierre forces you to make strong choices and focus on the essential. It's a no BS, common sense approach. It starts with the strategic vision, that we tend to forget at time being so much product driven. From there everything he does through 34 elements is logical with clear business objectives. 


Marie Tors
CEO, Graffiti

"Make haste slowly, and without losing heart,

Twenty times on the loom put your work,

Polish it again and again, and polish it again,

Add sometimes, and often erase."

Pierre is to start-ups what Boileau was to poetry. This path that seemed full of bumps will become a flawlessly smooth highway... after long hours spent questioning everything! :-) Joining 34 elements Academy was very valuable for us. A big thank you to both of them. 


Arnaud Gazet
CEO, Refer

34 Elements helped us have a clear look on our company and asked the right questions to address the future. A great product without a concrete strategy is a doomed marriage.


Loic Lechelle
CEO, Skewer Lab

The only "training" that opened my eyes to concrete actions to take on as a founder. Constructive exchanges, which move the cursor on the vision we have of each element. There is, to my experience, no other valid method to achieve the consolidation of your company's fundamentals. Love


Nicolas Reaud
COO, Go My Partner

34 Elements allowed us to have a better organization between founders and to focus on our objectives. It helped us create a clear product vision to communicate with the team. We have become better entrepreneurs!


Sofiane Laurent
CEO, GoMyPartner 

Thank you so much! It was really rewarding to live this adventure with you and the rest of the group.


Nicolas Chery
CEO, Noleo

I would highly recommend working with Pierre and using the software he developed to any entrepreneur regardless of the stage you are in because it will provide some unbiased/unfiltered constructive feedback that is usually hard to get from people.


Alexandre Hernandez,
COO, Jobgether

34 Elements has been a game changer for us. We have realised how important it was to take the time to discuss Strategy, Product, Vision and Founder’s fit. During these 7 weeks, we have improved as a team but also as a company where we feel now much more confident for the oncoming challenges.