Inside a VC Mind

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Most entrepreneurs come out of VC’s meeting with no or little conviction on their impact.

It should not be that way, as every meeting, positive or not, should contribute to the entrepreneur’s learning curve. It is often clear whom the VC does not want; however, picking the winners is a daunting task. That’s why VCs don’t want to say no, and leaving the door open is critical.

I have lived in Silicon Valley for 17 years; I am a General Partner of a pre-seed fund; I have met with brilliant VCs; it’s time to share some little secrets :-).

I will try to stay focused on the early stages, up to a Series A, given that after the Series A, decisions are more data-driven thus easier to grasp. When I say that, picture yourself wanting to invest in Boeing. Your decision will be purely data-driven, show me the numbers, and I’ll see if I want to invest. From Series B and on, data plays a major role.

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