The Startup Design Canvas

Alt opening — I am excited to share my vision on Startup Design based on my personal experience. I co-founded three startups, took one public, and sold the last two. I am still a General Manager of a fund that invested in 54 hand-selected startups.

Let me share my vision on Startup Design.

For me, every single startup interaction, whether it’s a quick question, a deeper conversation, or a full-on pitch, is an instructive input into an ever better understanding of how startups succeed, and more often fail. As a rational individual, I work best by organizing my thoughts into an analytical framework that ensures I gather all I need to know about the startup to inform an objective investment decision. I have been obsessing with what to do with this accrued knowledge and approach which I believe could benefit so many budding entrepreneurs, and so I have decided it should be shared, in the form of a Startup Design canvas, a decision-making tool to help all startups be better. I share it with you here hoping you find it interesting and useful.

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