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Why did you join34 elements?


I heard Pierre talk at an event and I could immediately tell he had the kind of experience and knowledge I was looking for to hone my project. He had already accompanied many startups in the United States and that was something I needed help with: to switch from a French perspective to an American mindset for my company. Among
the many other subjects covered by the program, that was what really compelled me to join: being able to apply US standards to a French company.


What was the format you enjoyed the most during the Academy?

I would say working as a group with other entrepreneurs. Discussing ideas, giving each other feedback and insights was a very formative experience. Through analyzing other people’s ideas and pitches, I learned to reevaluate what I thought I knew and challenge my own preconceptions and beliefs about my own work. This new approach made me grow as an entrepreneur, and as a person.


What would you say to fellow entrepreneurs who are questioning whether to do the academy or not?


I have already recommended the program to several acquaintances, and I always say the same thing to them: Even though I had already defined many elements and aspects of my product and company before entering, 34 elements allowed me to go the extra mile. A successful business lies in details. And receiving external insights and advices on your project or product is exactly what you need to go from a good idea to an actual marketable
business. And that’s what 34 elements can give you.