SkewerLab offers a SaaS solution for brands and agencies to increase the power of their video messages thanks to data.

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Why did you join the Academy?


A friend of mine told me about Pierre and his training, which was good timing, as I was wondering about the fundamentals of my business, my desire and my vision. I've been through many "incubations" but the promises were not totally up to my expectations, because no incubator asks you those 34 questions that allow you to position yourself, to think about so many subjects and explains to you WHY it is important to have the answer. To resume, these are the three main reasons for me to join the academy:

  • the hybrid e-learning + cohort + tempo format

  • Pierre's reputation pushed me to sign up!

  • looking for answers to so many structural questions...


How has the Academy helped you so far?


Following the training, I have changed my posture internally AND externally, I have a "map and compass" on the concrete tasks I need to work on, on which I need to bring the whole team. And above all, I understand the stakes that each element represents internally or externally.


Something unexpected?


I had heard that "The price was forgotten when the quality was there"; this quotation is not adequate... I will not forget the price this time... because it is so cheap compared to the quantity and quality delivered that I will not hesitate to highly recommend this product...