Morgane Surlenet


Skribix brings together producers of search engine optimized themed content. Skribix writes for companies looking to gain visibility on Google and for agencies in need of quality content. Morgane joined the academy as founder and CEO of Skribix.


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Why did you join 34 Elements Academy (the main reasons)?

I joined 34 Elements with a need for understanding. My primary goal was to master the metalanguage and concepts of the startup industry in order to feel more comfortable in this ecosystem that I did not know. I was looking for information more than training.

Anything unexpected you experienced during your 34 Elements experience?

First of all I understood that there is not one startup but a multitude of startups and entrepreneurs and the experience of my co-participants enriched me considerably. But the biggest surprise for me was to find a mentor (a real one and not a guru) who pushed me to think about my project in a different and very efficient way. I didn't expect such a challenge, and those few weeks were very intense, but I know I laid a solid foundation for the future of my company.

What would you say to other entrepreneurs who are wondering whether or not they should participate in the academy?

That if they are ready to challenge themselves and want to build a smart business, they should not hesitate for a second. I believe that the hardest thing for an entrepreneur is not to find the answers but to know how to ask themselves the right questions. That's is what 34 Elements is all about.